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  • What's included:


    • 1 hour of one-to-one online consultation, preferably across two meetings - the first to discuss your requirements, the second to present my responses to your project


    • Research into the project based on the details you provide.


    • Notes and sketches as required to convey my recommendations from the online consultation.


    Once you’ve purchased your consultation I’ll get in touch to book in a time that suits you.


    Ahead of the consultation I request a few details on what you are looking for help with; the space and what you’re looking to achieve; some outline measurements and orientation; photographs of the space and related spaces; and any other background detail you can provide such as style references and approximate budget. Having as much detail as possible to hand ahead of our meeting means that I can formulate some initial responses for you swiftly in order for you to get maximum results from our time.


    This fixed fee consultation constitutes half a day of my time, though this may be across several days. Within this time the extent of work that could be achieved will be dependent on the project but as a rough guide it could cover:

    - layout and colour for one room

    - or colour flow through multiple rooms

    - or a style masterplan/moodboard across several rooms


    This online design consultation may be enough to get your project rolling; if however you need more time or more detail, I can continue to work with you as you progress through your project.

    Further work is dependent on my availability.

    For ongoing work I charge £50 per hour plus expenses (such as sampling costs, postage, travel as required).


    The online consultation will be via WhatsApp


    Online Interiors Consultation

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