This bathroom in an old stone cottage was dark and boxy. We lifted the ceiling using a void we identified above, insulated the roofline and clad it in timber. We decided to retain a few of the original timber ceiling batons as they cast shadows across the room and added intriguing shapes whilst also supporting a new curtain rail and slung lighting. Cupboards were built in to conceal the boiler and water tank and we trimmed the whole lot with traditional mouldings to give a smart finish. The old stone wall in the ceiling space we 'bagged out' (this is a rough style of render which retains the character and shaping within the stonework)

Painting the lower walls and the floor in one dark tone embraced the dark nature of the room but made it feel modern, smart and cosy at once. Painting the upper space in an off white really lifted the room, accentuated the walls' textures and opened up the room, making it feel deceptively spacious.

Rich textile layers topped off the look and made this the most desirable room in the house.

For more background on this project check out this blog post all about it including 'before' pictures:

The Beginning of an Interiors Obsession